New Partnership with University College Dublin

Here at CEMMS we have just set up what promises to be an exciting and fruitful new partnership with University College Dublin (UCD). The Sussex-UCD partnership is funded by The International Research Partnerships and Network Fund at Sussex, and the School of English at UCD. It is for three years in the first instance but may be renewed. It provides funding for the journal, The Spenser Review ( edited by Jane Grogan (UCD) and Andrew Hadfield (Sussex), and involves an academic exchange of faculty. The Inaugural Sussex CEMMS-University College Dublin Partnership Lecture will be:


Miranda Thomas (UCD), ”Let shame say what it will: Shakespeare’s shaming gestures’, English Social Space (B264), 5-7 pm, Monday 21 May. All welcome: wine and snacks provided.

Prof. Tom Healy will be visiting UCD,, 28 May-1 June.

Next year we plan to have a staged reading of James Shirley’s Play, The Politician (published 1655), which was first performed in Ireland in the late 1630s.

We’ll post more updates on Sussex-UCD activities as and when they are arranged.

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